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About Toffee

Motcombe Tulley’s Toffee (MF) DoB: 17 July 2015

Toffee is the offspring resulting from a womb lease of Motcombe Alula, whose sire is Peruvian Concepts Victor and grandsire Rural Alianza Wiracocha. Alula’s dam is Motcombe Nina, who is a grand daughter of Peruvian Hemingway and whose pedigree is all coloured including two true blacks.

Toffee’s Show results

BAS National Show 2017 3rd

Heart of England Fiesta 2017 2nd


One in 2020, a solid MBR male with a lovely fleece.


Toffee’s parents are laid back and easy to handle, and Toffee himself is very friendly. He was still a lightweight during the 2017 show season but he has now grown out into a splendid looking macho weighing 75 kg and with great presence, an attractive head and strong bone. When he joined our stud group, he found himself up against two older, more muscular males. He has now established himself as one of the leading trio, but at the cost of one front tooth.

Aged 5 ½ his 6th fleece is incredibly soft with excellent brightness, a tight crimp style and very little guard hair.

Square - 291 x 291 Toffee again.jpg

Motcombe Tulley's Toffee  MOT 45

Stud Male, BAS registered: UKBAS28138

Date of Birth: 17th July 2015

Medium Fawn

Age 6    

Square - 291 x 291 Uluru.jpg

Furze Park Uluru

FPA 153

Stud Male, BAS registered: UKBAS25751

Date of Birth: 7th July 2009

Dark Fawn / White

Age 12

Square - 291 x 291 Mandinka.jpg

Mandinka Warrior

HER 137 tag

Stud Male, BAS registered: UKBAS27930

Date of Birth: 17th August 2015

True Black

Age 6    

Square - 291 x291 Jameson.jpg

Tai Wind Jameson  

TAI 45  tag

Stud Male, BAS registered: UKBAS27568

Date of Birth: 12th August 2015

True Black

Age 6    

Square - 291 x 291  Fiddich.jpg

Coire Inca Fiddich  

COI 27

Stud Male, BAS registered: UKBAS20257

Date of Birth: 4th October 2011

Bay Black

Age 10

Square - 291 x 291 Ovation.jpg

Wyona Ovation

NZ46/ASH 183

Stud Male, BAS registered: UKBAS10908

Date of Birth: 1st April 2007

Medium Silver Grey

Age 14